The Million Dollar Project

The Million Dollar Project – Power Of 10

The goal of The Million Dollar Project
is to help YOU...Get Rich in 5 YEARS or Less.

It could be in 12 Months...if you work HARD for 60 DAYS
...or 5 YEARS if you work SLOW for 1 Year
...or somewhere between 12 Months and 5 Years

For some reason people think...a $1 a month commission
can't make you Rich...Seriously...Of course it can!

Think of Dollar Stores...
Dollar stores make Billions.
In 2018, Dollar Tree alone made $22 Billion in Revenue, and
Dollar General's stock was worth $36.5 Billion as of July 2019.

So rest assured...
YOU can Get Rich with a $1 commission

Let’s talk about how easy it is to make money
The Million Dollar Project.

Now It’s Time For A Reality Check!

CAN you make money by being patient 
and doing ONE Simple Task?

YES. You can. Just keep asking that Question
over and over and over again...until you reach
your desired Income Goal. That could be $500
per month...$1000 per month...$10,000 per month
...even $1Million per month

IF…YOU are really serious about building your income, 
I want to show you how the math works if you take the
time to do Keep asking that Simple Question...every DAY
...10 mins a day...Monday to Friday...

What happens if you commit to this simple plan?

1) You don’t have to worry about referring the world (just get 10)
2) Your income can SKYROCKET if you and your team follow this plan!

The Power Of 10 works based on your commitment to refer just 10 others.
Remember it is only $10 a one will notice it on their credit card.
That's 33 cents a day...Come on Folks...You can do's like you are
Making money out of THIN AIR...because it's as's FREE...

What happens if you successfully EXECUTE this plan?

60 DAYS: You refer 10 new affiliates.
(Some have done ONE WEEK)

Your income is now $10 per month.
Net Result...ZERO cost to you

120 DAYS: Your 10 do the same.

You are earning $110 per month.
I am sure that can pay one of your Bills (phone, cable, internet, etc.)
Do you realize something...
                        This is now PASSIVE income...
You are not doing ANYTHING to earn this.
Of course, you can continue to refer others...Imagine if you refer 100
...but let's not get carried away...take the first step...and get your 10 :)
MONTH 6: Those 100 new the same.

Your income is now more than $1000 per month.
That is a Great PART TIME INCOME we are talking about Investing or Saving Money
...paying your Mortgage or Rent
...Saving this monthly amount for a Great Vacation
or even a "New" Car


MONTH 8: Those 1000 new the same.
Your income is now more than $10,000 per month

Wow...all from a $10 a month subscription.
Can you see how Your mortgage can be paid off
in a few years instead of 20+ years?

What about your Retirement Account?
Or even paying off Student Loan.
Now you can actually LIVE it was intended.

At this point, most families would have their lives
completely changed
with this level of income.
And to think it is all possible through a
yet powerful $1 commission program...
....that only cost you 33 cents a day.

What is possible if this pattern continues?
MONTH 10: Those 10,000 new the same

Your income is in excess of $100,000 a month
NOT per year...but monthly...which is a more than
                 $1.2 Million YEARLY...

Dont doubt yourself...others online are making this and more
WHY NOT YOU...we all have to start somewhere

MONTH 12: You could be Making $1,111,110 per Month
                           That's $13 Million+ per Year

There is a reason why we Promote...Getting 10 others
...If you have 10 on Your first level
and they in turn have 10...on their first level
YOU qualify to earn 6 Levels or more
...but we will stop here...Hopefully you get the point

          Impossible you say?
What are so are so slow dont have a contact list...etc.

I promise you...if you simply
(1) KEEP asking that ONE simple Question...
and provide your Email they can get back to you will happen

Maybe not as fast as you would like
...but so what if it takes you ONE YEAR to get your 10?
Sure...for some...that is a long time... that 4 YEARS you are making $133,000 per Year 5 are making $1.3 Million per Year 6 are making $13 Million per Year

What do you have to lose?

Stay focus...Be consistent!

This example is designed to simply show you what is possible.
Suppose you are only able to do half as well as the above illustration. 
The end result is that you would still be earning thousands of dollars per month 

Can you refer more than 10? Can they? Absolutely!
Referring MORE than 10
helps to move things along faster.

Create some excitement and some enthusiasm and see how far along
YOU can be in the next few months!

Help is available Sunday to Thursday
if needed, (10am to 10 pm EST)

=======ONE SIMPLE QUESTION========
             "Tom", would you spend $10... 
    order to Make $100,000?

        Go Here Get all the Details

That's it...Keep asking that Question
until you reach Your Income Goal

Contact your existing fellow marketers, friends, and associates
to tell them about...The Million Dollar Project... Reply to email ads
that you receive...send them info about The Million Dollar Project...

Remember that you have a lot of contacts in YOUR Gmail account
If you compose a NEW Email...Click in the TO field
Then Click will then show up BELOW the TO field
then Click Bcc itself...that will open up a window
Select MY CONTACTS...and choose ALL CONTACTS
You will then see contacts from A to Z (in alphabetical order)

but dont forget about people you know...this Business cannot hurt them...
all you want is a YES or NO from them...when asked that Simple Question

                    NOT IN YET?




To Your Success,


(Independent GDI Affiliates)
Why take 5 Years to Get Rich
YOU can do it in 1 to 2 Years?











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